Smun team

Secretary General – Ulf Kemmsies (

Greetings, pilgrim. My name is Ulf Kemmsies, and I’m the Secretary General for SMUN this year. MUN has been one of my passions for a long time, and this is my all-time favorite way of giving back to the community by serving you, delegates. The SecGen is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the conference, from idea to execution. During SMUN, I’ll be ensuring everything runs smoothly, doing whatever is needed to deliver the best MUN possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or bad puns, send them to my email.

Chief of Staff – Dante Molento (

Hello passer-by, my name is Dante Molento and I’m SMUN’s Chief of Staff and Press Corps Director. I, as Chief of Staff, bear the responsibility of aiding the USGs with absolutely anything they need, but specially of overlooking the ongoing progress of the conference. On the other pole of my dichotomic set of titles, I, too, pose as the Director of Press Corps, and therefore am supposed – and delighted to – demonstrate and regulate the workings of our Press Group, which works entirely together with the Crisis Team. Hope to see you here. Goodbye!



Administration USG – Patrick Wichert

Hello Delegates! I am Patrick Wichert and I am currently a junior in the Swiss School of Curitiba. I am very honored to serve as the Administrative Under-Secretary General for SMUN 2017. I am responsible for managing the organization of the conference and housing you guys! Should you have any doubts or requests concerning those please email me at:




Conference Services USG – Angela Machado (

Hey, everyone! I’m Angela Machado, currently a junior (3EM) at the Swiss School of Curitiba, and I’m having the pleasure of serving as the Conference Services Under-Secretary General (I know, looong name – you can just call me the ‘CSUSG’) during SMUN 2017. I’m responsible for all the little details of the conference such as staff, organization, catering, etc; basically, I’m here to make sure it all works according to plan! Hope to see you all in September.




Policy USG – Júlia Veloso (

Howdy! I’m Júlia Veloso and I am SMUN 2017’s Policy Under-Secretary General (Pol-USG for short). My jobs is mainly done before the conference, I organize the Preparation Guide, I invited the schools, I organized delegates and committees and I am responsible for the Backgrounder. I hope to see you all in September!





Finance USG – Sophia Campos (

Hi! My name is Sophia Ohf Campos and I am in the third year of high school in the Swiss School of Curitiba. My job is to find gifts, sponsors and not let Angela spend too much (which has not happened). Outside MUN and school, I really like to go out with my friends, play golf (no it is not only for elderly hahaha) and travel. I am really happy 🙂





IT USG – Danilo Mansur (

Hello there! My name is Danilo Mansur. I’m in the second year of high school at the Swiss School of Curitiba. As a Under-Secretary-General of Information Services, my main job is to create and maintain the website and conference database.