press and Crisis

press and Crisis

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Crisis Directorate Committee

One of the innovations of SMUN 2017, this committee will be responsible for constantly creating crisis based on the decisions made inside the Committees of Debate. Once the CDC receives the intel on the decisions of the committees, they will create a crisis that could have been developed if those decisions were in fact enforced. CDC will basically serve as a way to see the UN impact on the world, without having to wait to see the consequences.

This committee will have from 10 ‘developers’. In the CDC, participants will not represent countries, nor newspapers, thus, they are called developers and not delegates.


Press Corps

Unlike SMUN 2016, the second annual SMUN will have an official Press Corps Committee. And it will have the important role of bringing the news on the decisions made in the Committees of Debate to all of the other committees, including the Crisis Directorate. Furthermore, the Press Corps will be the way through which the Committees of Debate will get the information on the crisis.

Press Corps will have the realistic role of filtering the information of the consequences and the decisions made by the UN delegates. Press Corps will be multimedia with both video and audio recordings. Press Corps will have 15 delegates.